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About Us - SEO for Business Traffic

WOW - who would put a picture like this on his website to explain who's behind this business. BJ started marketing with his first business in 1999 and boy was he in the dark. When you're thinking about marketing for your business today is it overwhelming? Do you wonder "will the cost of marketing" bring back 2 or more times the investment? It has been long discussed by professional marketing experts that for ever $1 you spend on marketing you should get back $2 or more. Are you tracking your spend? Let's see if we can turn that $1 into $20 or more. 

Let's talk about things and see what Impactbiz Marketing can do for you!

- BJ Shagena

Online Asset Professional

Why Did I start Impactbiz, LLC?


Top five reasons why businesses fail! Revenue is in top five.

I started Impactbiz because I know that revenue is key to keeping the doors open and lights on. I get excited when I impact a company by increasing their revenue. You started your business to make money - if you're here it's because something is not right. Use my knowledge to push yourself and make an IMPACT in your business. 


Consistent or increased revenue comes from Leads. All my businesses need customers/clients, but when sales slow it because leads have slowed.

Pride is why Leads is my number 2 reasons to start this business. When my business is successful I stand tall and have flowing ideas and pride in my work. Yes, revenue is important but leads need to be consistent to keep the sales going and ultimately revenue to increase. Who better to engage with than the leads that are interested in your products or services. Can you imagine your revenue doubling because your leads are endless?

Proven - Results Driven SEO Experts

My staff of SEO and Marketing experts push the boundaries for your business. 

Your target audience is why we are in business. We provide time tested direct marketing practices and creative new marketing strategies designed for your business.

What's are your goals?

What's are your business objectives?

What's your personal plan(s)?

Impactbiz marketing team is ready, ARE YOU!!!

Limited client base - Join Now!