Be a Part of a Case Study for Your Garage Door Company

We Increase Your Business Calls in 120 DAYS - And You Get FREE SEO Service

Here is what's included:

  • 120-day contract for marketing SEO and Google Business Profile Optimization
  • 4 community or city pages added to your website
  • 4 blog/page posts - garage door industry specific for your website
  • 1 high quality article backlink to your home page
  • On-page keywords and placement (up to 5 keywords)
  • Review of NAP (name, address, phone) for social accounts and website
  •  25 Business Directory Listings
  • Google Business Profile Optimization and Management
  • Optimize 25 photos for Alt Tags and Geocode for Google Profile
  • Set up Google Review Funnel to increase Google Reviews

Why a Case Study?

We are going to use your case study to document and determine the best marketing strategies for similar businesses going forward. When you agree to this Case Study you acknowledge that we will utilize your business name, logo, and results to prove proof of concept for other Garage Door businesses. What you get at the end of the 120 days is a solid start on your marketing SEO and Google Business Profile optimization along with any and all new business that comes from the leads that are produced.

An added bonus for being a part of this Case study includes:

1. You are the only Garage Door Business we work for in your market area. Yes, you lock down our services while we are under a service contract.  

2. Discount on SEO services if you choose to continue after 120 days.

3. You get all the leads, calls, and additional business that's produced without additional cost.

If you do not want to be a part of this case study but would like more information to increase your Google Reviews and/or increase your Leads and Calls. You can schedule a time and just let us know you are not interested in the Case Study but you are interested in our Marketing SEO services.

Who Qualifies for the Case Study?

You must qualify to get this special Case Study offer. Why do I need to qualify? We need businesses that qualify so we can get good results from our SEO efforts. If you do not qualify you may still get our SEO marketing services and we have special offers for just Garage Door businesses.  To qualify you must be able to pay the $600 set-up fee, provide access to your website and Google Business Profile, you must commit to the 120 days for this study, you must have a website that has been in existence for minimum 2 years, and your business has to have existed for a minimum of 2 years. 

What Do I Need to Do Now?

Now you need to click the button below to schedule a call. This is a no-obligation call to confirm if your business qualifies for this study.

What is My Responsibility in the CASE STUDY Program?

Excellent Question...

1. Pay a $600 set-up fee (no monthly or per lead charges when you are part of this program for 4 months) - all expenses are covered by Impactbiz, LLC for the 120 days. 

2. You will be provided a new client questionnaire that will provide us with pertinent information that you will need to fill out.

2. You need to provide us access to your website and Google Business Profile

3. You need to provide pertinent information and resources in a timely manner for the success of the study within the 120 days

4. You need to sit back and reap the rewards of additional Leads calling into your business. Or work more because of the success.

5. You need to allow us to put a tracking number on your GBP and possibly website to track your calls

6. You need to allow us to use tracking emails to verify new leads 

7. You will be provided access to a Slack Channel and Google Drive and must use these sources to provide the necessary information through these sources versus email or text message.

8. You may need to provide additional resources as needed

9. You will NOT pay more than $600 for this Study. There are no additional fees or charges. If you are not completely satisfied with the study you may cancel at any time. BUT THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ONCE WORK STARTS. 

10. If at the end of the 120 days you are satisfied or not satisfied you have options. Options include additional SEO marketing services priced at a discount for 1-year or cancellation altogether. If your choice is to cancel then we will return your number or emails as necessary and give you options to continue with the Review Funnel Service.