Content Marketing for the Next Generation

When you came to Impactbiz website had you thought about or considered where your Content stands for your buyers? Your understanding of Content Marketing and how it applies will help you increase the quality of leads and the revenue you are missing out.

"Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clrearly defined audience - and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action." definition provided by

In todays Marketing and Advertising world professional marketers use Content Marketing to introduce viewers to a product or company. Older methods involved selling and we have moved away from "selling" and moved our clients to provide value so viewers are not being over sold. 

Marketing for content involves specific products or services marketed directly to specific buyers or users of those products or services. By targeting an audience based on their needs, there is an inherent increased value and loyalty by the customer.

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How Does Providing Value Help?

Content is used to direct buyers to your products. A passive persuasion to "interest" buyers in purchasing your products or service. Providing value directs buyers interest and then we lead them to your landing page or website to buy. The client goes through a process prior to purchasing. That process involves introducing your product or service, giving them fresh information allowing the buyer to get to know you, and then the buyer determines your product or service is right for them, they Buy!

Factor 1 - Strong Brand Loyalty

Providing the best possible information to the market will get buyers to become knowledgable and loyal to you. Content is about providing accurate and valuable information to make the buyers commit to your product or service. 

Factor 2 - Money Savings

The initial cost to obtain a client can be high, but when you provide good content in the market and value to the end user, they will buy over and over. The better the content the better the leads coming into your system and ultimately the greater increase of profitability.

Factor 3 - Customer Engagement

Good content will produce customer engagement with your business. When customers are engaged they become your sales people by providing good feedback in the market. When the customer is happy because you have helped them, then they reward you by being loyal.

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