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Email Marketing - SEO for Business Traffic

Story of Email Marketing

In todays world your business has to work two to three times harder to get noticed and 10x harder to be relevant. Information, stories, offers, etc. are landing infront of your clients/customers at an overwhelming pace. Email is your way to stay relevant and show new offers to your fans.

The Problem:

Do you have an email list? The only list of potential buyers you own already is your email list. If you are selling or servicing your clients - it is more valuable today to have an email list than any other marketing source. Your list is yours and somewhere along the line you already paid for them.

Do you know if that list is Cold, Warm or Hot? What does this mean... A cold prospect is someone your trying to get their attention...A warm prospect is someone that knows you and has somehow interacted with you, but has never purchased or called on your service...A hot prospect is someone who has been following you and has bought from you. They know your standards, they know what your about and they want more. 

Your email campaigns in the past didn't work? I've been in your shoes. Did you consider sending the same email using a different "from" name? Would you believe me that people can be turned off seeing your business email in the box versus your personal name. 

You're Not Selling Enough Products/Services? Did you consider sending an email?

I don't have enough things to say in my email! Has not having enough content been why you don't email?

The Solution:

First: Build an email list and start implimenting an email autoresponder system. Use the Lead Generation strategies to increase your email list then put them on a system. Let's take them up the ladder to make all your followers a Hot lead.

Second: When sending email campaigns lets use split A/B testing or change the name of the sender. We have found that using a different name can make a difference based on who receives the email. Subject lines are another factor for emails being opened. We will work with you to derive a plan for email set-up.

Third: Warm and Hot buyers are key to your new product sales. You just came up with a new physical product or complimentary service and you use your email list to sell that product first. While your selling the product would you consider using the feedback to determine if the name is correct or what headlines maybe best when you go to market to sell.

Fourth: Provide content that is useful to your readers. For local businesses consider sending information about local restaurants, volunteer opportunities, ribbon cutting ceremonies, or content related to their business ie. what's new in the chiropractic world, what A/C or Heat systems have changed and why...there is so much content just send the emails to stay infront of your people.

Impactbiz can tailor your Email campaign for you.

Does sending emails, getting leads, staying consistant with email, or any of this seem overwhelming? We are here for you. Ready to GO?