GMB Listings for Your Business

Google Maps and Google My Business listings are key to your business being seen in your community. An optimized GBP page is detailed and can only benefit your business by providing a new source of leads every month. 

Special Note: Google My Business (GMB) is has been rebranded to Google Business Profile (GBP). You may see us using GMB or GBP but they are referencing the same Google Business Page. 

Get Found With An Optimized Google Business Profile Page

Is your GBP Page Optimized for the Best Results?

GBP Set-Up

Impactbiz provides a GMB setup service that will get you online today. No need to worry we have the experience.

GBP Optimization

Here is where the excitement starts. With an optimized GMB page, we start seeing your business cover the local market for your keywords.

GBP Marketing

When you are ready to take your business to the next level. Here is where we combine optimization with posts and citations. Let's get your contacts and leads flowing.