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SEO is defined as "the practice of optimizing a website or webpage to increase the quantity and quality of its traffic from a search engine's organic results" as defined by This is true - but we at Impactbiz would like to include; the act of attracting the right customer who is looking for you!

Small Businesses spend thousands of dollars having a website built, but when asked most can't tell us how many leads come from their website or how people found their website on the internet. We aim to help put some numbers on your website. Implimenting search engine optimization strategies specifically for your company is what we do! 

The Basics

SEO is a Marketing Tool implimented to increase organic traffic. We use a variety of methods but these four are a good start. 


Direct buyers to your website. The quality of traffic is important as you get interested buyers of your product or services.

Local Directory Listings

As part of our Basic Service we ensure your website is listed in all the local directories to build on authority and build local traffic. 


Keyword Optimization is key for On Page. Impactbiz will research the keywords the audience is using to find your product or service.  


Simply put - if you rank on the first page of a Google Search you're going to get more Leads and more Sales. Keywords work directly with Rankings!

We operate differently

We start with a conversation and discuss your dreams and goals. We want to increase your traffic but it's a TEAM effort and you're the Manager...

Advanced Services

There are a variety of SEO services. We discussed some of the primary items above. What we don't want you to miss is that there are Basic Services and Advanced Services. Depending on your Business, again all services are based on YOUR individual business, we work to offer you the right solutions. 


There is no one size fits all with Impactbiz, LLC  

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