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Service Business Leads - SEO for Business Traffic

Guaranteed Leads without Paying for Ads

Do You Want More Leads that YOU Own?

We will get your phone ringing for more jobs in the surrounding areas...

❌ This is not like Thumbtack or Angi or HomeAdvisor

❌ This is NOT Shared Leads

✅ These are Leads EXCLUSIVE to only your Business

✅ We will Rank Your Website Higher in Google for More Traffic and More Leads that YOU CONTROL

What Do We Guarantee?

Increased Call Volume

Our Google Business Profile management will provide you with increased call volume through results-based SEO services. You don't want to pay for unconfirmed results and we PROVE our worth by increasing your calls within the first 120 days or we don't get paid. That's Right!! if after the 4 month mark of our contract you don't see an increase in call volume we will CONTINUE service at NO charge. Once you see the tangible success we increase your SEO services and grab more market share for your business. 

First Step - Google My Business (Google Profile)

We optimize your Google Business Profile, add a review funnel, increase your business listings, and make sure your Name, Address, and Phone number across all sources are updated, current and accurate. 

During this stage, we are looking at your photos; optimizing through geotagging and naming. Social Links; optimizing name, address, and phone. Citations: increase your business online profile by adding your business listing to business pages. 

The first Step gives us direction in the first 90 days to increase call volume while understanding the Local market and keyword relevance. We review your results monthly and discuss the results and plan going forward. 

Second Step - Maps/Rank Results

You will see a change in your Maps Ranking in 90 days. Utilizing an increase in activity on your Google Page along with an increase in Business Directory Listings you will see your coverage area increase which will result in more calls. 

You may not be on Page 1 of the Maps in 90 days for all Keywords. But don't worry we are working to get you up to the first page for all keywords. Each month we will analyze your search location and determine the next move. We are always moving towards Page 1 and the 3-Pack for Maps. 

Third Step - Website SEO Optimization 

Here is where the fun begins. You have seen the changes to your GMB Page and call volume increase. We're at the 90-120 day stage and discussing keywords for your website. Here is where you need to move forward with Full SEO for your Business. With the increased call volume from just the work we did for your Google Business Profile it's time to go all-in on SEO. 

Once your Website SEO gets started we are looking at the keywords that we have added to see the change in your Google rankings. We are starting to add backlinks and other key changes to get more call volume. Monthly we are increasing your Business directory listings, adding new content to your pages, and discussing the results with you. 

How Many More Calls will it take to Change the Direction of Your Business?

" My SEO package has my phone ringing! Incredible how changing some keywords can make such a difference. Very happy with this company."

Simone Michalek


" Impactbiz helped me set-up and optimize my GMB page. What a difference having someone knowledgeable working with me. I’m in the 3 pack within a month."

Perry Bourg


" I signed up with BJ to do basic SEO for my landscape company In Madison. We saw increase in phone calls in 90 days. Professional company and BJ has gone well beyond what he offers in his basic SEO package!"

Scott Myers



How will I get more leads?

You will get new and additional leads as we work on optimizing your Google Business Profile. When optimized, your relevant keywords attract your business to searchers in your area. The more keyword combinations we use the more opportunity for you to get more calls. 

Will you need access to my Google Business Profile?

Yes, since we will be managing your Google Business Profile we will need full access to your page. 

What results will I see when you are working on my Google Business Profile?

The main result we are shooting for is an increase in call volume. We will track your calls to note the call volume and leads. You will also see modifications to your keywords and you could also see additional photos and an increase in your reviews. 

Is this a long term contract?

Initial contracts will vary depending on the agreement between you and Impactbiz Marketing. Typically we have 12-month contracts that can be canceled with a 30-day notice. 

Can I cancel if I'm not satisfied with the results?

Yes, you can cancel your contract with a 30-day notice as can Impactbiz Marketing. Our business is helping you succeed, but if we cannot increase your call volume and/or you are not providing the information necessary for us to be successful, then Impactbiz can also terminate the agreement between the two parties. Specific details are found in your personal contract with Impactbiz, LLC.

What did you say about not getting paid?

Yes, we believe in our marketing system so much that we will give you 3 months FREE service if we don't increase your calls in the first 90 days. Contact us for further details. 

Don't know where to start?

Start with a consultation. Schedule based on your availability below.